XML, the Perl Way


Provides basic functions for the various wtr2 scripts


check_buyer ( $id, $name, $errors)
Check that the $id and $name of the buyer are OK in the invoice

Return 1 if name and id are OK, else return 0 and add error message(s) to $errors

check_po ( $po, $errors)
Checks that the $po (purchase order) exists in the data base.

Return 1 if it exists, else return 0 and add error message to $errors

check_qtty ( $row, $delivered_qtty, $delivered_unit, $ordered_qtty, $ordered_unit, $errors)
Check that the quantity delivered is the same as the quantity ordered for each invoice row

Return 1 if quantities are OK, else return 0 and add error message to $errors

store_all ( $data)
Store all data for an invoice.

$data should hold the data extracted from the XML in this format:

    invoice    => { number => <data>, date => <data>,
                    payment_status => <data>, po => <data>
                    amount_no_tax => <data>, amount => <data>, tax => <data>
    seller     => { identifier => <data>, name =><data>, tax_code => <data> },
    address    => { street => <data>, town => <data>, zip => <data>, country_code => <data>, po_box => <data> },
    contact    => { name => <data>, email => <data>, phone => <data> },
    invoicerow => [ { row_id => <data>, sku => <data>, name => <data>,
                      qty => <data>, qty_unit => <data>, unit_price => <data>,
                      amount => <data>, amount_no_tax => <data>, tax => <data>
                    { ... },

store_all will add the links between records in the various tables (the FOREIGN KEYs)

Set the default_row_id to 0

Generate a default row id for those rows which do not have one


Michel Rodriguez <mirod@xmltwig.com>


This code is Copyright (c) 2003 Michel Rodriguez. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Comments can be sent to mirod@xmltwig.com


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