Michel Rodriguez

Consultant, Perl & XML,

XML, Data Massaging, Perl, Web Programming

via Antonio Mordini, 55 - 55100 Lucca - Italy
email: xmltwig@gmail.com
tel: +39 348 935 0910

I am an experienced developer, specialized in Perl and XML.

My main area of expertise is technical publication using XML: I am used to modeling documents, and converting various formats, structured or plain text, into XML, adding structure if necessary. I have done this many times and I can effectively work with less-than-ideal data, to produce clean output. I have also a lot of experience processing XML to generate various formats, HTML, print or data bases.

My most important open-source project is XML::Twig, a widely used library for processing XML.

As a developer I am very involved in the Perl community, which gives me a good grasp of the current trends and best practices. I am always eager to learn new techniques and tools. I am somewhat active on Perlmonks and on StackOverflow, under the moniker mirod.

After being a full time telecommuter for over 15 years, I am able to work with minimal supervision.

I am looking for contract work, either long term or project-based.

I am a French citizen.

Current Position (since July 2000)

Consultant, Perl & XML

I work mostly in the technical publishing domain, largely for the IEEE Standards Department. I also do data clean up (web scrapping, up conversion to XML) and full-stack web projects.


1987: Degree in Computer Science from ENSEEIHT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electronique, Electrotechnique, Informatique et Hydraulique de Toulouse), equivalent to an American Masters Degree.


XML modeling, conversion to XML, XML conversion to HTML, style sheet development, SGML databases, XML data processing. In depth knowledge of the domain, both as a user, developer and COTS developer for over 20 years. Good working knowledge of the JATS (jats.nlm.nih.gov/) and STS (www.niso.org/standards-committees/sts) DTDs.
Programming Languages
Perl, Javascript, C (and Lisp, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Modula-2, Algol...)
PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, SGML/Store
Apache, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PhantomJS, CasperJS, Bootstrap, Dancer2, web scrapping
Operating Systems
Unix: mostly Linux
Revision control tools (git), Quality Assurance, Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)
French (mother tongue), English (fluent), Italian (spoken), Spanish (spoken)

Past Positions

Senior Programer-Analyst for the IEEE (Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineer), Standards Activities. Same activities as in my current position.
Member of a group that provided SGML expertise to the Technical Publication Direction of Aerospatiale (now part of Airbus), in Toulouse (France).
Development of an SGML transformation language that processed documents stored in an SGML data base (presented at the 1993 SGML Europe conference)
Analysis of the impact of the AECMA 1000D specification (now known as S1000D) on Aerospatiale's production process (presented at the 1994 CALS Europe conference). Participation in the working group developing the AECMA 1000D DTD's.
Quality Assurance for the SMART project (250 man x year), first as a sub-contractor, then as QA deputy manager, then as QA manager for Aerospatiale, in Toulouse (France).
Artificial Intelligence expert for the Meteosat Operations Department of the ESA (European Space Agency) in Darmstadt, Germany. Development of a real-time expert system for fault detection and recovery for the Meteosat control center.